My name is Athena Zeub and I would like to open a whole new world to you through an amazing contact that has recently come forward. It is very hard for me to come up with the right words to tell you because even I know, it sounds unbelievable.

The truth of the matter is that we have not been exposed to everything that this world is so that we can focus on our lives here. Think about how life started, very primitive, having to learn how to find water and hunt for food to how advanced we are now. Can you imagine a life even more advanced to where we are flying spaceships that can travel through wormholes? It can and it probably will happen. So what makes it so hard to believe that there are others out there now on other planets that have already arrived at this point in their evolution? Perhaps they are the ones teaching us here.

So, what is this life all about? Why are we here? Have you sat down to question how life got here and why we keep finding new species of animals, plants, insects and sea life? Well, they didn’t just appear out of nowhere.

Our story is a long one but to get right to it, my mother and I are in communication with people from the Orion Constellation. They have finally come forward in a big way to confirm our origins and to wake us up because our Earth is at a bad time because of what we have done to the environment.They have contacted others but those people have not come forward out of fear. But they told me they have given me information that no one has. The reason for this is to get the people to take notice, which may come as a shock to realize this contact is real.

I would like to give you a little of my background. I have had some strange experiences all my life which led me to this contact (more on that later).  I have worked all of my adult life doing administrative jobs and working my way up to a Logistics position supporting the Navy Seals, to doing very well as a Construction Project Manager.

As I have been informed, we the people need to do something about the environment because we cannot rely on the Government. Our special friends have told us that we only have 60 years to turn it around and after that time it will be irreversible. THIS IS WHY THEY HAVE COME FORWARD. Have you taken the time to wonder why we are having more medical issues and our children born with more deformities and illness?

You can find out more about this and our origins through all of the tabs on this site.

They said what we have is valuable.

Thank you for hearing. Thank you for seeing.

The Theologians of Orion

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