Strange Jellyfish perform environmental function?

See this article about jellyfish that have a fin. This is the jellyfish the Orions described to me about, that they release them every so often and that they absorb impurities from the ocean.They do their job, then they wash ashore and die. A few months back, I traveled to the beach in Cambria, CA and there were hundreds of thousands of them.

2 thoughts on “Strange Jellyfish perform environmental function?

  1. I saw these blue sail jellyfish too! Thousands of them all over the beaches in Ventura, California. I took lots of pictures of them in fact. Most of which did not come out nearly as beautiful as they looked. There were thousands upon thousands of them at Rincon Beach in the water and people were just playing and surfing in the water while being surrounded by them. Apparently they do not sting? I felt so badly for them as I watched them die on the shore. Also, there were many large clams that were onshore as well…still alive. My daughter and I threw some back into the water when we found them.

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