Channeled Drawings

SCAN0007 copy
SCAN0008 copy Channeled message from them (2 pages)
This drawing is one of the Theologians. They said the Merkabah she wears is their symbol for the universe.
Channeled names of some of the people that speak telepathically to my mother. The main person at the tops’ name is Zentuse.

The Orions channeled these drawings to my mother. They said they are people on other planets.


One thought on “Channeled Drawings

  1. My daughter communicates with Nature Spirits. She recently drew a picture that looks very similar to the one you post with the girl with the jewelry at the forehead…the area of the Third Eye. Also, the symbol you show that has the two triangles is a combination of the symbols for the four elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire. Each is a symbol but just a little different angle to it. When you put them all together you have exactly the symbol you showed.

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