Update 7-9-16

It’s been a long time since I’ve written in the blog. Some wonderful things have happened and some tragedy as well. Let’s start with the good. I haven’t written in months because I found my soul mate. No, really I was told soul mates are a real thing and I finally found mine and that we were together in a previous life as well. The Orions went on to tell me that only about 10% of the people find they’re soul mate and when some of them do, they mess it up.

On the downside, my ex-husband passed away 3 months ago and my brother passed away a week ago. My brother was also a lightworker and had telepathic communication when he was younger but because he didn’t understand, it scared him and he never talked about it. Only when it was brought up about my mother’s communication did he come out with that he, too once had this communication wherein the voices told him what was going to occur the next day, and it did.

In 2013 another one of my brothers was shown a vision of two of my brothers; one of them was lying flat on the ground, not moving. The other was shown flailing his arms. Two Guardian angels appeared to him and gave him the distinct feeling that if those two didn’t change their lifestyle, that they would die young. At the time, neither one of these brothers had any kind of health issue that we knew of. Last week, the one shown lying on the ground not moving passed away from lung cancer. It’s very sad and I’ll miss him and I’m in just amazement of these warnings and things that were given that come true (unfortunately in this case).

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