Message Received

Sombrero galaxy in deep space.

This evolution/creation message came to me upon waking one morning in August 2015. Not long after that on August 16, 2015, I received some kind of message in my mind. It happened during the evening when I was out with friends. I usually understand most of these things that come to me but this one seemed to be coming from somewhere else but it came from me (I don’t quite understand to explain). Like it is me talking and I am one of them:

“The difference looking from my world to this world. Looking at it at another angle. Knowledge I have that they don’t see. I figured out the difference and how to convey it to humans. We are different and we have to figure out how to say things to you humans.”

2 thoughts on “Message Received

  1. I feel truly blessed to have found your book and website. This information is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing all that you do.


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