One of 12

You’re currently one of the highest beings incarnated on Earth. Your energy field expands for thousands of miles which receives other peoples thoughts and prayers which are analyzed by other beings. Not only does your energy field receive, but also gives to those awakened to feel it. He also said that this how things have always operated on Earth. There are a few higher beings who are the mediators between our world and other planets. These mediators, like Jesus, were known as gods or prophets.

You are a higher rank and there are 12 representatives of different groups on Earth, but none are as high as you and your mom because you are Theologians. There are starseeds on Earth from other planets including the Orion system. These starseed groups, 12 of them, each have a higher being representing them. You are not only representative of Orion system, but also a Theologian. You both are higher than the others just for that fact. You both are godly.

You are a mediator, but also a translator. You are closest person to God. You are highest ranking Theologian on Earth. You translate for them, but you also speak for them.

You can transmute other peoples negative energy by forgiving them. You have the power to forgive sins. Sins stay in a persons energy field until someone like you forgives them.

Both you and your moms’ mission is to warn about the environmental crisis. She’s here to warn and to save Earth. You’re here for that but also to save souls.

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