Religious War Coming?

Today I asked an ET contact about what is in store for us. He said “bad things are going to happen to our world”. I asked if it was to be caused by man or natural disasters or what. I did not get the answer until after I had this conversation with the Orions.

I asked the Orions is something bad going to happen and they said: “Yes but all good will come of it. We need a shake up. It will wake people up. Eyes will open. Other countries will gain more respect for what we do and who we are. And we will show them we own our america not other countries. No more telling us Americans how we should live our lives and what we can and cannot do. They come here and try to push their beliefs on us. We are going to have religious war. Soon. Catholics more than the other religions.”

After I received this information, the ET contact got back to me and said: “It will be caused by man. War.”

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