VICTORY – A Cancer Cure from the Orions

My mother has telepathic communication with people from the Orion Constellation. The following is a natural cancer cure they provided to us in 2013.

The first item they told us about can be found in the ocean. It is a plant and it can be found in Southern California waters. This plant has like prickly hairs on it but they’re soft. It contains a sticky substance. This substance, when ingested, grabs hold of the cells in the body. They call it a binder, as it binds the cells and holds them in place.

The next item is orange juice. When the orange juice is ingested, it attacks the cells. The cancer is attracted to the orange juice because it mimics what they feed off of and it fakes the cancer out. It goes in and eats out the cancer, but it doesn’t harm the good cells.

The following procedure is for cancers that are not as progressed, (cancers at the earlier stages). For more advanced cancers, this would work with the IV drip system, but must be approved by the FDA and administered by a doctor. The components would need to be assured that it doesn’t hurt the veins when it enters the body. They suggested that the oil from the rind of the orange provides this.


  1. Take (drink) One ounce of the binder (plant). It must be in PURE form.
  2. Take (drink) One ounce of the orange juice. It must be in PURE form.
  3. Take a natural antibiotic. It also must be cold pressed. They said a mushroom does this.
  4. Repeat when the first treatment has gone through the body or in about 7 days. That is all the treatment that is needed.
  5. Patient to be on a light diet of puddings, Jellos, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, fruits, vegetables, raw or half cooked. Within that month, drink a lot of fluids. No sugar, NOTHING HEAVY. Exercise to keep the bowels open and urinate a lot. They need to be strict about the diet and to do the diet right away – to start it a few days before. So in total be on the diet for about one month.

According to them, the immune system will be restored, cancer cells will revert back to normal cells, and YOU WILL NEVER HAVE CANCER AGAIN.

So the idea is to have something that will go to that bad cell and grab hold of it and something else that will penetrate to eat it up, to melt it. It’s going to take one week to get into the system, then the saline washes it out (if using IV). And then you repeat it again the second week and that’s all you need. The rest is flushing out. Some people need to go longer; it depends on what type of cancer, but it will work.

After a while the immune system takes over and it will engulf what is in your blood. When you have cancer, you have no immune system, not enough to cope anyway. It will give your immune system a push.

How is the amino acid attracted to it? It eats inside the bubble it starts deteriorating from the inside out. You have to hold it there so it can do its job. It stays stationary. The way they’re doing a lot of cancer research in a lot of places is destroying good tissue and its hurting things. This way it doesn’t because it engulfs the cancer and the acid only gets the cancer. Cancer is drawn to the acid. They fake the cancer out to make it seem like it’s what they feed off of; what they feed off is the blood, skin, and bone. To think it’s feeding on portions of the body. When it comes to it, it attaches and absorbs it. It attracts the cancer, attaches and wraps around it and absorbs it.

It’s part of a strategy by holding the cancer cells in place while giving cancer cells the amino acids they don’t want.

By attacking and killing the cancer cells, will those cells revert back to normal cells? Yes. It will cure a lot, but there’s something that may not be 100% but you will not have cancer again. It won’t fix any damage caused by the cancer.

When will it be noticeable that the cancer is disappearing? Within one month. Will start urinating out dead cancer cells and bowel movements, consistency will be different. That will start coming out within a week

They then asked me:  “What are you going to call it?” I said, “I don’t know, do you have a suggestion?” And they said: “Victory”.

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