Telepathic communication and channelers. Never would have believed it if myself, brother and mother didn’t experience it. Upon the revelation, it was quite shocking as I was going through life, then an explosion of an awakening to realize things in my past all made sense now.

I ignored the spiritual community because it was weird to me and I just simply didn’t understand it all. I ignored the UFO community because I thought it all consisted of nerds and people who dressed weird. Certain people were put in my path to direct me to gifted people and what an awakening it was, Mom and I both at the same time and for us to find my brother had communication as well. He kept it quiet.

Our story is a long one and amazing but I want to recognize channelers right now. I have met a few and they amaze me. My friend Frances Pullin channels Mozart and I wholeheartedly believe her. She’s not in it for the money. My friend Krista Raisa channels a spirit from the Orion Constellation, the divine. Bashar, who has a large following and whom I’ve seen in action. With some of the channelers someone steps in and takes over, the person steps aside. Sometimes they know what was said and some don’t. My mother, brother and I have telepathic communication; we hear a voice. The people that speak to us are biblical people from the Orion Constellation and they have physical bodies. The ones who’ve spoken to me are from a different group than my mother. My mother, on a regular basis. Me, very sparse. My brother had it every day.
…….and the most amazing thing of all is that we are in contact with our creators and no one has been given the information that we have. If it were to sink in what we have here, it would bring you to your knees. I have given out a lot information for free, but I have reserved some very special information for another time, perhaps the right interviewer.

What I’m trying to get across, is here is a person who didn’t look into these things and now a whole new world has been opened up. I realize nuts and bolts people have a hard time with this, but if you were to open your mind and explore this, there is a lot of amazing information to learn. Everything is connected, don’t miss out on a very important part. Communication with ETs? It’s been going on forever. Here we are, we have contact. Thank you for listening

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