You Don’t Hear and You Don’t See

We have this amazing story and some people believe and for others, this contact and information is too unbelievable. I sometimes get the feeling that it is one of those stories that someone will stumble upon long after I am gone from this earth. And in typical human fashion, they won’t take notice until things in my writings start to come true. By that time, I fear it will be too late to save the earth.

This is why we keep hearing the saying: “You don’t hear and you don’t see”. How many times have you seen that in the bible? Our brains can’t seem to process the knowledge that there are people on other planets out there and that there has always been visitation and communication with them. They don’t understand this about us. They can’t get too involved, they have rules to live by. They don’t reveal themselves on a large scale because in my opinion, most people can’t handle it, their brains would reject it or it would put them over the edge.

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