On August 15, 2015 I was out celebrating an event with friends when I received a message in my mind.  I quickly went outside where my friend was. I held my head and I said whoa! Whoa! My friend knew exactly what was going on and she said: “Write it down, write it down!” I felt an immense pressure on the top of my head, like someone was pushing down into my head. It was information, a message.  It seemed to be coming from somewhere else but it came from me. I believe it was given to me but it came in the first person as it was about me.  This was the message:

“The difference looking from my world to this world. Looking at it at another angle. Knowledge I have that they don’t see. I figured out the difference and how to convey it to humans. We are different and we have to figure out how to say things to you humans.”

The Orions had told me that I have the gift of the words, that I knew how to get through to humans. Because I have sat back and studied people all my life, it made sense.

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