Our Story

A little bit of our story:

It started many years ago, but my mother and I started awakening in 2012 unbeknownst to each other but came together early 2013 to a discovery: she has telepathic communication with our forefathers, the people who put us here and still watch over us today. They call themselves Theologians, but said they are more scientific than they are biblical. They are our creators, alongside God. They are God’s right hands and they do the job for him. They are the oldest advanced race.

What was a ufo sighting in 1958 turned out to be a CE-5 contact where she was taken and had a procedure done for her to have the communication. My mother and I, when we have gone on radio shows – tell people that we don’t blame anyone for not believing our story.

The awakening process also affected me. I too, have communication and many bizarre things happen.

The reason we came to find, is that they have finally come forward to acknowledge our origins and to warn us of our dire environmental issues. They told us we only have 60 years left to turn it around or it will become permanent – there will be no fixing the environment and then it will be all downhill.

There is so much to share, so much we know but they told us they have contacted others and given some information but nothing like the information they have given us. We have information that no one has. They know everything – from the beginning of time to the current things going on in the world.

I have all of this well documented and a book. My website is thetheologiansoforion.com

My mother has the most special gift… the most important contact and find of all time. She is getting older and I need to find a forum to get this contact out there. Have ideas?

Thank you for listening

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