The End of the World

Prophecies and the end of the world: Ever since we were put on this planet we’ve been handed down prophecies, through some kind of communication with “them”. “They” see things that we can’t see. They can see further into the future than we can and have a “wider common sense” as they put it.  Humans walk around the earth and turn a blind eye to things around them. But these prophecies, they are typically negative. I feel it is those who look out for us warning us of impending things so that we can either prepare or change the course of something bad to happen. You can take this one of two ways: that people who put these warnings out are inciting fear or you can take it as a warning from caring people who want to help. You see, we humans most always take everything negatively.

Do I feel the end is coming? Sadly, I do. Our planet cannot sustain the population explosion and pollution that goes along with an overpopulated earth. All of the nuclear accidents and bombings have caused irreparable damage to our planet and its atmosphere. I could go on forever about how some countries are sick from their polluted water, or walk around with a mask or how every person on the planet is affected by cancer.

One of the reasons I am here is to warn the people of our dire pollution problems. We only have a short time to turn it around or the pollution damage will be irreversible. Strangely, we were given a date of 2076 and after that time “it will be all downhill”. Now they put it lightly by using those words, you see and those words light as they are were not harsh to startle or put fear but to get you thinking. Now if it will be irreversible and all downhill, we must think: “What does that mean?” I believe it means the population will steadily decrease due to cancer from pollution and perhaps fewer children will be born. Everything will be polluted – water, ground, air, ocean. We will not be able to grow food any longer. And then the earth will be unlivable. Really think about it. Remember when we were living longer? That is no longer the case. We are dying younger and younger. I was told there was a planet that exploded not long ago and that planet exploded because the people polluted it so badly. They all had to walk around with masks on. Don’t forget about all of the abductions from beings out there who have warned us of our pollution. They warned of destruction of earth. Why do we ignore this?

There is hope. They told us we can turn it around. You see, now that’s positive. They have helped by putting things on the planet, but we need to take the first step. Each one of us needs to be an activist. As I have done, please go out and write letters. For those who have an audience and some pull, please get the word out. Keep it in peoples’ minds that we have got to stop using harmful products as much as possible. Recycle, write the government about super polluters, etc. Stop funding our polluted planet. Don’t buy the products that pollute, harm the planet or our bodies. I’m sorry but we’re a bit in trouble here. You won’t live to see it, but your grandchildren will. And as we usually reincarnate to the same planet, you just may see the end times.

Thank you for hearing, thank you for seeing. Thank you for doing!

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