About “Them”

I have learned from the people of Orion that they are the people who are God’s right hands. They told me God placed people on the planet but it wasn’t enough people. Then God created an advanced race and taught them to create. That first advanced race was the Orions and they cloned people for God and placed groups of 12 people in various places on the Earth. And this is the way they put it:

“Adam and Eve had two children. How can you make more people on the planet if all you have is a mother, a father and two brothers? It doesn’t happen. And that is where the help came in.”

My understanding is, they do the job for God. Their job is to “preserve peace and balance of the worlds.” They put people on the planet and they still protect and watch over us. They are the ones often referred to as “The Watchers”. They know everything that is going on here. They manage our souls. They hear our prayers. They put us through the lessons. They can check in on us at anytime by reading our soul imprint. When we die, they direct our soul to its next incarnation.

They are physical people and they live underground on their planet. Their skin is light and at one time they had all the different races there, but because of interbreeding they are all now one race. They are over seven feet tall, they fly in spaceships and they do use wormholes to travel through and their body does a “split atoms thing.” They don’t need rest like we do, they are always working but when they do have their day of rest, they enjoy soothing music.

They use the grey beings to do the job for them because they can’t come here or they would die. Those beings pick us up to see how we are doing in our environment.

All of this sounds so miraculous but there is so much that we don’t know and cannot even imagine.

Special Message and drawings of Them

This is a drawing of one of them. The symbols she wears is their symbol for the Universe.