Strange Jellyfish perform environmental function?

See this article about jellyfish that have a fin. This is the jellyfish the Orions described to me about, that they release them every so often and that they absorb impurities from the ocean.They do their job, then they wash ashore and die. A few months back, I traveled to the beach in Cambria, CA and there were hundreds of thousands of them.

The End of the World

Prophecies and the end of the world: Ever since we were put on this planet we’ve been handed down prophecies, through some kind of communication with “them”. “They” see things that we can’t see. They can see further into the future than we can and have a “wider common sense” as they put it.  Humans walk around the earth and turn a blind eye to things around them. But these prophecies, they are typically negative. I feel it is those who look out for us warning us of impending things so that we can either prepare or change the course of something bad to happen. You can take this one of two ways: that people who put these warnings out are inciting fear or you can take it as a warning from caring people who want to help. You see, we humans most always take everything negatively.

Do I feel the end is coming? Sadly, I do. Our planet cannot sustain the population explosion and pollution that goes along with an overpopulated earth. All of the nuclear accidents and bombings have caused irreparable damage to our planet and its atmosphere. I could go on forever about how some countries are sick from their polluted water, or walk around with a mask or how every person on the planet is affected by cancer.

One of the reasons I am here is to warn the people of our dire pollution problems. We only have a short time to turn it around or the pollution damage will be irreversible. Strangely, we were given a date of 2076 and after that time “it will be all downhill”. Now they put it lightly by using those words, you see and those words light as they are were not harsh to startle or put fear but to get you thinking. Now if it will be irreversible and all downhill, we must think: “What does that mean?” I believe it means the population will steadily decrease due to cancer from pollution and perhaps fewer children will be born. Everything will be polluted – water, ground, air, ocean. We will not be able to grow food any longer. And then the earth will be unlivable. Really think about it. Remember when we were living longer? That is no longer the case. We are dying younger and younger. I was told there was a planet that exploded not long ago and that planet exploded because the people polluted it so badly. They all had to walk around with masks on. Don’t forget about all of the abductions from beings out there who have warned us of our pollution. They warned of destruction of earth. Why do we ignore this?

There is hope. They told us we can turn it around. You see, now that’s positive. They have helped by putting things on the planet, but we need to take the first step. Each one of us needs to be an activist. As I have done, please go out and write letters. For those who have an audience and some pull, please get the word out. Keep it in peoples’ minds that we have got to stop using harmful products as much as possible. Recycle, write the government about super polluters, etc. Stop funding our polluted planet. Don’t buy the products that pollute, harm the planet or our bodies. I’m sorry but we’re a bit in trouble here. You won’t live to see it, but your grandchildren will. And as we usually reincarnate to the same planet, you just may see the end times.

Thank you for hearing, thank you for seeing. Thank you for doing!

Our Story

A little bit of our story:

It started many years ago, but my mother and I started awakening in 2012 unbeknownst to each other but came together early 2013 to a discovery: she has telepathic communication with our forefathers, the people who put us here and still watch over us today. They call themselves Theologians, but said they are more scientific than they are biblical. They are our creators, alongside God. They are God’s right hands and they do the job for him. They are the oldest advanced race.

What was a ufo sighting in 1958 turned out to be a CE-5 contact where she was taken and had a procedure done for her to have the communication. My mother and I, when we have gone on radio shows – tell people that we don’t blame anyone for not believing our story.

The awakening process also affected me. I too, have communication and many bizarre things happen.

The reason we came to find, is that they have finally come forward to acknowledge our origins and to warn us of our dire environmental issues. They told us we only have 60 years left to turn it around or it will become permanent – there will be no fixing the environment and then it will be all downhill.

There is so much to share, so much we know but they told us they have contacted others and given some information but nothing like the information they have given us. We have information that no one has. They know everything – from the beginning of time to the current things going on in the world.

I have all of this well documented and a book. My website is

My mother has the most special gift… the most important contact and find of all time. She is getting older and I need to find a forum to get this contact out there. Have ideas?

Thank you for listening


On August 15, 2015 I was out celebrating an event with friends when I received a message in my mind.  I quickly went outside where my friend was. I held my head and I said whoa! Whoa! My friend knew exactly what was going on and she said: “Write it down, write it down!” I felt an immense pressure on the top of my head, like someone was pushing down into my head. It was information, a message.  It seemed to be coming from somewhere else but it came from me. I believe it was given to me but it came in the first person as it was about me.  This was the message:

“The difference looking from my world to this world. Looking at it at another angle. Knowledge I have that they don’t see. I figured out the difference and how to convey it to humans. We are different and we have to figure out how to say things to you humans.”

The Orions had told me that I have the gift of the words, that I knew how to get through to humans. Because I have sat back and studied people all my life, it made sense.

You Don’t Hear and You Don’t See

We have this amazing story and some people believe and for others, this contact and information is too unbelievable. I sometimes get the feeling that it is one of those stories that someone will stumble upon long after I am gone from this earth. And in typical human fashion, they won’t take notice until things in my writings start to come true. By that time, I fear it will be too late to save the earth.

This is why we keep hearing the saying: “You don’t hear and you don’t see”. How many times have you seen that in the bible? Our brains can’t seem to process the knowledge that there are people on other planets out there and that there has always been visitation and communication with them. They don’t understand this about us. They can’t get too involved, they have rules to live by. They don’t reveal themselves on a large scale because in my opinion, most people can’t handle it, their brains would reject it or it would put them over the edge.


I learned from the Orions that Noahs Ark is in the Bering Sea, near Alaska and that it is about 1000 feet down. There was an earthquake that happened just a few days ago in that area. There were many arks, but there were none like Noahs. Noah’s Ark was built a little differently. It was built to be able to “ride itself” if it turned upside down. Can you imagine what this would mean if it was found?


Telepathic communication and channelers. Never would have believed it if myself, brother and mother didn’t experience it. Upon the revelation, it was quite shocking as I was going through life, then an explosion of an awakening to realize things in my past all made sense now.

I ignored the spiritual community because it was weird to me and I just simply didn’t understand it all. I ignored the UFO community because I thought it all consisted of nerds and people who dressed weird. Certain people were put in my path to direct me to gifted people and what an awakening it was, Mom and I both at the same time and for us to find my brother had communication as well. He kept it quiet.

Our story is a long one and amazing but I want to recognize channelers right now. I have met a few and they amaze me. My friend Frances Pullin channels Mozart and I wholeheartedly believe her. She’s not in it for the money. My friend Krista Raisa channels a spirit from the Orion Constellation, the divine. Bashar, who has a large following and whom I’ve seen in action. With some of the channelers someone steps in and takes over, the person steps aside. Sometimes they know what was said and some don’t. My mother, brother and I have telepathic communication; we hear a voice. The people that speak to us are biblical people from the Orion Constellation and they have physical bodies. The ones who’ve spoken to me are from a different group than my mother. My mother, on a regular basis. Me, very sparse. My brother had it every day.
…….and the most amazing thing of all is that we are in contact with our creators and no one has been given the information that we have. If it were to sink in what we have here, it would bring you to your knees. I have given out a lot information for free, but I have reserved some very special information for another time, perhaps the right interviewer.

What I’m trying to get across, is here is a person who didn’t look into these things and now a whole new world has been opened up. I realize nuts and bolts people have a hard time with this, but if you were to open your mind and explore this, there is a lot of amazing information to learn. Everything is connected, don’t miss out on a very important part. Communication with ETs? It’s been going on forever. Here we are, we have contact. Thank you for listening


About two years ago, the Orions told us Mexico City was to experience some major earth movement. They didn’t say earthquake, but they describe the earth moving and opening up. We spoke again tonight about this because we thought this was to happen about a year ago. They said it is going to happen SOON. We don’t know what soon means, but they gave more description in addition to the earth moving and swallowing up things including and unfortunately a lot of people but this time they said earth was going to slide into the ocean. Now we know Mexico City is inland quite a bit, so we are just reporting this as it is said to us.

VICTORY – A Cancer Cure from the Orions

My mother has telepathic communication with people from the Orion Constellation. The following is a natural cancer cure they provided to us in 2013.

The first item they told us about can be found in the ocean. It is a plant and it can be found in Southern California waters. This plant has like prickly hairs on it but they’re soft. It contains a sticky substance. This substance, when ingested, grabs hold of the cells in the body. They call it a binder, as it binds the cells and holds them in place.

The next item is orange juice. When the orange juice is ingested, it attacks the cells. The cancer is attracted to the orange juice because it mimics what they feed off of and it fakes the cancer out. It goes in and eats out the cancer, but it doesn’t harm the good cells.

The following procedure is for cancers that are not as progressed, (cancers at the earlier stages). For more advanced cancers, this would work with the IV drip system, but must be approved by the FDA and administered by a doctor. The components would need to be assured that it doesn’t hurt the veins when it enters the body. They suggested that the oil from the rind of the orange provides this.


  1. Take (drink) One ounce of the binder (plant). It must be in PURE form.
  2. Take (drink) One ounce of the orange juice. It must be in PURE form.
  3. Take a natural antibiotic. It also must be cold pressed. They said a mushroom does this.
  4. Repeat when the first treatment has gone through the body or in about 7 days. That is all the treatment that is needed.
  5. Patient to be on a light diet of puddings, Jellos, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, fruits, vegetables, raw or half cooked. Within that month, drink a lot of fluids. No sugar, NOTHING HEAVY. Exercise to keep the bowels open and urinate a lot. They need to be strict about the diet and to do the diet right away – to start it a few days before. So in total be on the diet for about one month.

According to them, the immune system will be restored, cancer cells will revert back to normal cells, and YOU WILL NEVER HAVE CANCER AGAIN.

So the idea is to have something that will go to that bad cell and grab hold of it and something else that will penetrate to eat it up, to melt it. It’s going to take one week to get into the system, then the saline washes it out (if using IV). And then you repeat it again the second week and that’s all you need. The rest is flushing out. Some people need to go longer; it depends on what type of cancer, but it will work.

After a while the immune system takes over and it will engulf what is in your blood. When you have cancer, you have no immune system, not enough to cope anyway. It will give your immune system a push.

How is the amino acid attracted to it? It eats inside the bubble it starts deteriorating from the inside out. You have to hold it there so it can do its job. It stays stationary. The way they’re doing a lot of cancer research in a lot of places is destroying good tissue and its hurting things. This way it doesn’t because it engulfs the cancer and the acid only gets the cancer. Cancer is drawn to the acid. They fake the cancer out to make it seem like it’s what they feed off of; what they feed off is the blood, skin, and bone. To think it’s feeding on portions of the body. When it comes to it, it attaches and absorbs it. It attracts the cancer, attaches and wraps around it and absorbs it.

It’s part of a strategy by holding the cancer cells in place while giving cancer cells the amino acids they don’t want.

By attacking and killing the cancer cells, will those cells revert back to normal cells? Yes. It will cure a lot, but there’s something that may not be 100% but you will not have cancer again. It won’t fix any damage caused by the cancer.

When will it be noticeable that the cancer is disappearing? Within one month. Will start urinating out dead cancer cells and bowel movements, consistency will be different. That will start coming out within a week

They then asked me:  “What are you going to call it?” I said, “I don’t know, do you have a suggestion?” And they said: “Victory”.

Religious War Coming?

Today I asked an ET contact about what is in store for us. He said “bad things are going to happen to our world”. I asked if it was to be caused by man or natural disasters or what. I did not get the answer until after I had this conversation with the Orions.

I asked the Orions is something bad going to happen and they said: “Yes but all good will come of it. We need a shake up. It will wake people up. Eyes will open. Other countries will gain more respect for what we do and who we are. And we will show them we own our america not other countries. No more telling us Americans how we should live our lives and what we can and cannot do. They come here and try to push their beliefs on us. We are going to have religious war. Soon. Catholics more than the other religions.”

After I received this information, the ET contact got back to me and said: “It will be caused by man. War.”