One of 12

You’re currently one of the highest beings incarnated on Earth. Your energy field expands for thousands of miles which receives other peoples thoughts and prayers which are analyzed by other beings. Not only does your energy field receive, but also gives to those awakened to feel it. He also said that this how things have always operated on Earth. There are a few higher beings who are the mediators between our world and other planets. These mediators, like Jesus, were known as gods or prophets.

You are a higher rank and there are 12 representatives of different groups on Earth, but none are as high as you and your mom because you are Theologians. There are starseeds on Earth from other planets including the Orion system. These starseed groups, 12 of them, each have a higher being representing them. You are not only representative of Orion system, but also a Theologian. You both are higher than the others just for that fact. You both are godly.

You are a mediator, but also a translator. You are closest person to God. You are highest ranking Theologian on Earth. You translate for them, but you also speak for them.

You can transmute other peoples negative energy by forgiving them. You have the power to forgive sins. Sins stay in a persons energy field until someone like you forgives them.

Both you and your moms’ mission is to warn about the environmental crisis. She’s here to warn and to save Earth. You’re here for that but also to save souls.

Message Received

Sombrero galaxy in deep space.

This evolution/creation message came to me upon waking one morning in August 2015. Not long after that on August 16, 2015, I received some kind of message in my mind. It happened during the evening when I was out with friends. I usually understand most of these things that come to me but this one seemed to be coming from somewhere else but it came from me (I don’t quite understand to explain). Like it is me talking and I am one of them:

“The difference looking from my world to this world. Looking at it at another angle. Knowledge I have that they don’t see. I figured out the difference and how to convey it to humans. We are different and we have to figure out how to say things to you humans.”

Our Story

Athena Zeub

I have contact with people from Orion, the ones we call “The Watchers”. I am still amazed myself at this contact we have. My story is a very long and strange one. Since my awakening which wasn’t all that long ago, I have had to come to grips with all of the strange occurrences and thoughts throughout my life. It all makes sense now but it’s still quite a shock to how this all ended up. All of my life I wanted to know the unknown; I wanted desperately to know what this life was all about, is there a God, how did life get here. I thought we were never destined to know until we die. Never in my life would I imagine I would get what I asked for


God * Children * Spirits

Received some very interesting information about God and the children that are with him. Very, very interesting stuff. A little hint: the children that go to God are in physical form; this is God who they call “The Infinite One” not to be confused with Jesus.

Our loved ones who die are around us. If they were bad, they stay on planet Earth and cannot reincarnate for a long time and sometimes they get angry. This is their purgatory.

There is more information on all of this…Just not ready to reveal it yet.

Spielberg * Videos * Feedback

I asked the Orions today about our videos, to see if important people were looking at them. They said yes, a lot. I asked if Steven Spielberg has seen them and they said “yes”. They said he has mentioned content from them in his dealings. I asked if he was interested in this story; they told me he sees a lot of stories like this but a lot of them are fabrications or embellishments. This one is 100% true.

Update 7-9-16

It’s been a long time since I’ve written in the blog. Some wonderful things have happened and some tragedy as well. Let’s start with the good. I haven’t written in months because I found my soul mate. No, really I was told soul mates are a real thing and I finally found mine and that we were together in a previous life as well. The Orions went on to tell me that only about 10% of the people find they’re soul mate and when some of them do, they mess it up.

On the downside, my ex-husband passed away 3 months ago and my brother passed away a week ago. My brother was also a lightworker and had telepathic communication when he was younger but because he didn’t understand, it scared him and he never talked about it. Only when it was brought up about my mother’s communication did he come out with that he, too once had this communication wherein the voices told him what was going to occur the next day, and it did.

In 2013 another one of my brothers was shown a vision of two of my brothers; one of them was lying flat on the ground, not moving. The other was shown flailing his arms. Two Guardian angels appeared to him and gave him the distinct feeling that if those two didn’t change their lifestyle, that they would die young. At the time, neither one of these brothers had any kind of health issue that we knew of. Last week, the one shown lying on the ground not moving passed away from lung cancer. It’s very sad and I’ll miss him and I’m in just amazement of these warnings and things that were given that come true (unfortunately in this case).

Flat Stone Reading

A friend of mine gave me one of these flat stones for the Orions to give a reading on. He explained to me that they were found at the pyramids in Egypt and provided a photo of many of them, ranging in sizes. The Orions provided an answer that made complete sense, one that we did not think of. They said it is a spiders’ trap door and the different sizes are because there are different size of spiders. You can look this up on YouTube as well.


Orion Msg 12-14-15

How are planets made? “A magnet has a lot to do with it.”

The closest thing to the real story of Jesus is the book killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly. It’s 85% correct.

For people with diabetes it’s good to put leeches between the toes. It sucks out the bad blood. Can put them on bruises too.

Amazing Stories

There are many miraculous stories out there of children remembering past lives, near death experiences where people have seen the after life and visited Jesus and many other stories. I believe they are for a reason. God wants these stories out there, but they come out and are quickly forgotten. Here are some of those:

Nightly News: Boy remembers past life as an actor

Dr. Eben Alexander – His amazing NDE

Heaven is for real – a true story

Miracle Stories