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It’s comments like these that keep me going:
Comment: I have found all of this information incredibly captivating! If what you have been told is true then we have the power to save ourselves and everyone on planet earth, although admittedly not everyone deserves saving. Finally I just want to say a bit thank you for this information and guidance, if only we could get the word out to the rest of planet earth !! Thank you again, to you and your mother!

Orion News 11-18-15

Our vitamins are not pure. Buy from Canada. If you want to see change, then you must make things happen. Stop making companies rich who are not serving you. Stop funding polluting companies and buy natural products or make them at home. Resources are on my website.

Orion News 11-12-15

The Orions took Jihadi Johns DNA seconds before he was killed. They gave him a different body and used his DNA and they placed him immediately on another planet. They allowed him to remember who he was and what he did when he lived on planet Earth. They put him on a planet where you have to fight to live. You have to fight to find food and water and you have to hide from animals that will attack. He is out in the cold and this is his punishment for how he lived his life and the bad deeds he did.

Special Contact

If I told you I was in communication with people who are Gods right hands, the ones who helped populate the earth and who still watch over us today, would you believe it? Yeah, well I have been tasked with getting the word out. And that’s the thing, you must choose the right words. The last time I saw my mom, they told me “choose your words wisely”. I’m still trying to find them, but I know I can and will do it. We have something very special here. They have come forward to warn us of the implications to us and to peoples on other planets due to polluting our planet.

Orion News 11-8-15 Korean Missile?

I just got word from the Orions that the missile (seen in CA yesterday) came from Korea, as a test to see how how close they can get to us. It had no explosives, only phosphate. They can see it in their satellites because of the phosphorus sending out the glow. Again, this is from the Orions. Makes more sense than what we’ve been told. This is possibly why we stopped airplanes from flying over the ocean.

Channeled Drawings

SCAN0007 copy
SCAN0008 copy Channeled message from them (2 pages)
This drawing is one of the Theologians. They said the Merkabah she wears is their symbol for the universe.
Channeled names of some of the people that speak telepathically to my mother. The main person at the tops’ name is Zentuse.

The Orions channeled these drawings to my mother. They said they are people on other planets.



This evolution/creation message came to me upon waking one morning in August 2015. Not long after that on August 16, 2015, I received some kind of message in my mind. It happened during the evening when I was out with friends. I usually understand most of these things that come to me but this one seemed to be coming from somewhere else but it came from me (I don’t quite understand to explain). Like it is me talking and I am one of them:

“The difference looking from my world to this world. Looking at it at another angle. Knowledge I have that they don’t see. I figured out the difference and how to convey it to humans. We are different and we have to figure out how to say things to you humans.”

Strange Jellyfish perform environmental function?

See this article about jellyfish that have a fin. This is the jellyfish the Orions described to me about, that they release them every so often and that they absorb impurities from the ocean.They do their job, then they wash ashore and die. A few months back, I traveled to the beach in Cambria, CA and there were hundreds of thousands of them.