Orion Quotes

These are quotes from the people of Orion:

Space Travel:

  • “We have this magnet that can grab hold of a plane and if we turn a switch it will let go of it. It’s a big magnet in a ship.”
  • “We use a magnet to stop your cars. It’s a reverse magnet.”
  • “When we go through wormholes, our body de-materializes and comes back together again. It does a split atoms thing.”

Grey Aliens

  • “When we made the greys we wanted them to look very different. This way when you saw one, you knew it came from another world.”
  • “We call the greys by the job they do. We call them Seekers and Retrievers.”
  • “The greys are a combination of biological material and mechanical apparatus.”
  • “They have a chip at the back of their head. We shoot it into there with air.”
  • “We call the Mantis beings Carriers. They have long arms and can carry a lot of things. Everything has a purpose. There is a purpose for short greys and tall greys. What one can’t do, the other can.”

Biblical Things

  • “Noahs Ark is in the Bering Sea near Alaska. It’s about 1000 feet down. There were many Arks, but none like Noahs.”
  • “The Shroud of Turin is the real thing.”
  • “We are less biblical and more scientific.”
  • “Adam & Eve were placed near Sarnia, Canada. The landscape has changed so much since. This is where you want to go when bad things happen.”
  • ATHENA: Is it true that Moses received the 10 Commandments from God through a burning bush?
  • ORIONS: Yes, but the burning bush didn’t mean a bush is burning. Everything you read is an assimilation of how it kind of was.


  • “Our purpose is to preserve peace and balance of the worlds.”
  • “We can see the future in the way that we have a wider common sense.”
  • “Our language is like the Arabic with Greek symbols.”
  • “We are tall and we are stronger mentally and physically.”
  • “We have a sun and two moons, one small and one large. Your moon is our small moon.”

Health things

  • “Zinc and Quinine are beneficial in treating radiation exposure.”
  • “There will never be a cure for the common cold. It cleanses the body.”
  • “ALS (Lou Gherig’s disease) is caused by the pinching of something at the back of the brain that controls movement of the body limbs, etc. What is needed is to locate this part at the back of the brain and stimulate or vibrate it and the patient needs protein.”
  • “Alzheimers and ALS is caused by such things as chemicals put in the water and long term use of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs (also Botox). It puts a coating on the brain.”
  • “Does anybody sit down and start thinking about diabetes? It’s from stuff that gets in your food. Some people can’t fight it off. It makes the pancreas real weak. A lot of your food contains harsh chemicals and preservatives. They’re preserving your inners.”
  • “Children are being adversely affected by vaccines because when the vaccine is taken from its storage (refrigeration) to be used, during that time it has chemically changed (its being left out too long). It goes to the brain and causes like crystals on the brain. The blood needs to be purified to loosen the crystals.”

Ancient Aliens

  • “We built Puma Punku. All of those places over there were special places to meet.”
  • “Akhenanten was one of ours. We sent them to teach the people.”
  • “Slaves built the pyramids. We cut the stone with a laser.”
  • Athena: What is the purpose of crop circles and are they made by orbs or people from other planets?
    Orions: “Some were, some weren’t, reason being they were done, they’re trying to show people we’re here, we’re playful, but there isn’t anything that we found that we cannot do.”
  • “The Manna Machine was a real thing. It’s still in the Sinai Desert, buried.”

Other things

  • “The earth is a living organism. It cleanses itself by way of floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.”
  • “They” said part of our learning here involves how we go out on a limb for others. They would like us to do more to help the homeless.
  • “Dinosaurs were intentionally wiped out to provide a resource for man.”
  • “People thought Buck Rogers was way out there but he was right on.”
  • Athena: Why are some people saved and not others?
    Orions: “That’s going to be hard to explain. People learn lessons through death that they need to learn and they need to feel because something good will come out of it. And they were old souls that needed a rest even though they were a baby.”
  • “Souls: animals and bugs don’t have them. They are creatures of God but God didn’t give them free will. They are animals that are more or less programmed. They have instincts. Animals and bugs have a mission. They must cleanse the earth somehow. Tools for the earth and man.”
  • Athena: What is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?  Orions: A vortex builds up in there. It’s like a huge tornado that starts way up in the heavens and ends up at the bottom of the ocean and it spins like a tornado. But it doesn’t happen all of the time. We saved some people from it. It is very unpredictable. It’s unstable air that comes from the heavens, from way above. It’s like a spinning arrow shooting out of the clouds. It causes like a suction.

    “God only wants you to do 10 things and one on the side and that’s to go by the 10 Commandments and please go to church on his birthday. His birthday is 26 April. When you are reborn you get a different birthday. We celebrate his rebirth birthday.”

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