The following is taken from conversations with them; some of them direct quotes. This portion is mostly them speaking on the environment.

“When you made yourselves comfortable by the things you produce, you made it worse for the environment. You need to go back. China is one of the worst polluters. We’re trying to help you but again, people do not use their senses that were given to them and if they were to open them up, mankind has got to do the initial saving. We can be there only to pick you up and we can send some things to you to help but, the initial is you. You need to know the avenues you have. You have to learn to use them. You are killing the planet and atmosphere which affects the universe.”

“The Earth is a living organism. There is always that one element that sets it off (earthquakes and tsunamis). When you have more pollution, you will get more storms because the earth is fighting back trying to purify itself. In doing so it causes release of bad bacteria. One thing creates another, like a domino effect. Money is destroying people’s minds, relationships; they base their lives on money. It’s good to think for the future, but if that’s all you think about, it’s a bad thing because you do bad things to get it. The companies don’t care about the environment, just money. The ocean is becoming a cesspool with cars, plastics, needles, oil and trash.”

“One of the worst things you are doing is cutting down mountains. It’s causing vortexes and you will start getting tornados and sand storms; it’s going to change the weather in all these different places. The mountains were put there for a reason in that formation. Brazil is cutting down too many trees, ruining the atmosphere and the balance of nature.”

“The radiation from Fukushima was in the West Coast waters 3 months after the accident.  The radiation is in your vegetables, fruit and milk. By planting succulents, trees and shrubs all over will help absorb the impurities. We are trying everything on our end but we don’t know everything and if we did we wouldn’t be in the position we are now.”

“Other planets are closer than you think they are as far as poisonous gasses getting into the air and traveling. Earth is like a burning stove that never quits.” They are predicting Mexico City to have a 9 or 9.5 earthquake this coming January.

“You are in for a rough winter and people living in river beds need to think about where they live. Houses will be washed away and people living at the bottom of mountains because they may cave in. There will be weather that won’t quit. There will be monstrous tornadoes. The weather is going to be doubled or tripled. People are going to be stranded and they need to plan now. Today is even too late.”

“You don’t hear and you don’t see. You ignore what we try to tell and show you. You were our hope, but you are demolishing the hope. You are polluting everything. You are very complex people and we didn’t make you to be that way either. But we feel responsible because we are the ones who put you together.”

Remember the RED RAIN? That was them sending it down. Now they’re trying to inject the red rain into the fish and the sea. They’re like amoeba, so it will absorb impurities. It’s an experiment they’re putting in different places and they spread it over India.  They release blue jellyfish with the fins every so often. They also absorb impurities. When I went to Cambria, Ca a few months ago, there was hundreds of thousands of them all over. They do their job and they wash up on shore and die.

There is an increase of UFO sightings because Earth is at a bad time with its pollution and it will be unlivable one day. Our pollution will reach their planet eventually and they’re trying to stop it now. They said if we don’t do something now, that by 2076 it will be all downhill and irreversible. We are leaving the problems for the next guy to fix. Well I am here to inform you, we are the next guy because we’re coming back.

We can turn around the pollution problem, not 100% but enough to keep a catastrophe from happening. They suggest people get together and plant trees, shrubs and succulents neighbor to neighbor, community to community that will absorb impurities in the air. As well, you should write the Government but we cannot rely solely on the Government.

Please use environmentally safe products in your home and work. You can make your own cleaning products at a cheaper cost by utilizing vinegar, lemons, etc. You can find such recipes on the internet. The more people that switch to natural products will eat into polluting companies’ profits. They will see the market has changed and that natural products is where the money is and they will begin to make the change to produce environmentally safe products.

Please see the “Resources” tab for websites with the natural product recipes.

Why are these weird jellyfish showing up

Paul Hellyer former Prime Minister of Canada speaks of the alien presence (very good article)

11-20-15 Landslide buckles California Road

2 thoughts on “THEY SPEAK

  1. Something to consider is the chemtrails that are being sprayed upon the Earth by the government! From what I understand, the spray consists of a toxic mixture of aluminum, barium, and strontium which are harming our Earth’s soil and affecting the immune systems of mankind. New information I received the other day is that some of the planes are now also spraying Lithium (especially over California) in order to tranquilize people. What can we do about this?


    • You know, from what the Orions told me and I realize A LOT of people believe in chemtrails. Put it this way, I had to ask them about 3 times because I thought it was real myself. But they said the govt is not deliberately putting chemicals into the air. They said we wouldn’t be that foolish. There are things like barium out there and it may be emitted from airplanes, but not done purposely to harm us. As far as the aluminum goes, they said aluminum is out in our air and in our ground because of factories like those that make car parts. Those plants making those parts are dumping illegally into our water, as well it gets airborne. There are a lot of causes for such things like autism and alzheimers and things like this are a cause as well. Think about it, if you work in a plant like this and are inhaling aluminum….


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