I do not want to diminish the message we are trying to convey by trying to sell a book. The Orions did want me to get it out there and it does have amazing information in it. If anything, all we ask is to change your life to natural products and write the Government about what we cannot control.

The book starts out with my personal story which led me to my simultaneous awakening with my mother to find we have communication with the Orions. In my quest to bring awareness about the environment, the Orions were gracious enough to provide never-before-known information on many subjects. From the beginning of time on Earth to present day goings-on, the book contains pages and pages of question and answer sessions. You will be amazed.

This book was put out quickly because of predictions given by the Orions and I would have liked to make some alterations first. Due to some health setbacks, it has taken me a while to make changes and additions, but the information is there.

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  • Think Dirty – Use this app to scan products for harmful ingredients.
  • Non-GMO – Use this app to scan products for GMO origin

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